Gestión de Servicios Logísticos Silla SL
Sustainable Company

Respect to the environment is an essential feature of GSL Silla and is an element of differentiation from competitors. Thus, GSL Silla has set in its Strategic Plan the Sustainability as one of its objectives.

The basic principles governing the Environmental Policy, adopted by the BoD of GSL Silla are:

- GSL Silla is geared towards sustainable development, ensuring an appropriate balance between respecting the environment, promoting progress and social welfare and economic interests, in order to create value permanently.

- Look for the environmental leadership in the logistics and transport industries.

- Ensure compliance with legislation, regulation and environmental regulations applicable to activities conducted.

- Check the continual improvement and prevention of pollution by updating and monitoring of environmental management systems, as well as environmental objectives and targets.

- Encourage the development and use of new technologies and processes in order to avoid or minimize environmental impacts.

- Integrate the environment as a variable in the design and development of new plans and projects activities..

- Incorporate environmental requirements in the selection and evaluation of suppliers and contractors.

- IProvide training to employees in environmental matters by providing the knowledge necessary for implementation and monitoring of good environmental practice.

- Develop ways and channels of communication to inform and dialogue with stakeholders on environmental performances.